Husband Complains about Flirting- Part 2

By Dr. Coach Love

In Part 1, I explained how there is a limit to how much you can know about what’s going on with the others in your social group and how it impacts your husband’s view of you flirting. 

Here are 9 questions related to this situation. Your discussion and exploration of answers will help you work through your debate. 

  1. Do you or your husband believe that he is typically a jealous person?

  2. Are you offended by the attention you receive? Do you consider it vulgar or crossing your boundaries?

  3. Is your sexy style of dress “over-the-top” compared to the other women in your social group?

  4. What is the impact on the other women in the group? Does it cause problems in your relationships with them?

  5. Are you considerably more or less attractive than the other women?

  6. Is your husband considerably more attractive or successful than the other men? Does he draw attention to himself? Or have you ever felt like a trophy wife?

  7. Is either of you considerably more attractive than the other one of you?

  8. Are either/both of you very friendly people/talkers?

  9. Are you both socially very comfortable in groups?


Question #1 JEALOUSY

Jealousy is a common cause of this type of Catch-22— you choose to dress sexy mainly to please him, but end up aggravating your husband instead. Your husband enjoys your sensuality in public, but becomes conflicted because it triggers his jealousy. 

This is a ‘chill or get off the chair’ type of situation. He either totally manages his jealousy, or you can return to a different style of dress also pleasing to you. If your husband will not accept either of these options, controlling characteristics may be at the root of this issue. 

What do you think? Check back for discussion on the questions 2-9. 

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. 


Dr. Coach Love 


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