Am I Cheating Emotionally on My Husband?

                          by Dr. Coach Love  


I know that I would never cheat sexually on my husband. But I hear a lot about emotional affairs and think that maybe I am in one– with my daughter’s softball coach. He is newly divorced, really nice and friendly.  Am I cheating emotionally on my husband?  It almost seems innocent and only friendship, but I’m not sure. Is there any way to find out, or any test for emotional cheating?


There are no tests for emotional cheating.  The fact that you are aware of the possibility and concerned is the first step to avoiding an emotional affair. And don’t be too sure that an emotional affair would not lead to a sexual one for you. Do you really want to go there? He may be emotionally vulnerable or needy following his divorce. Are you vulnerable or needy?


Look at the state of your marriage.  Is your relationship with your husband stable?  In what areas?  Are there weaknesses? You may need to do a serious marriage inventory with your spouse. 


For ideas about whether your relationship with the coach is an emotional affair, check out Dr. Coach Love’s Red Flags Checklist for Emotional Cheating under the Quizzes section, Emotional Cheating Quiz-Checklist.


That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it. 


Dr. Coach Love 


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